Saturday, 5 March 2011

so sorry for not blogging over the last few weeks but ive been soooooo busy! Betty turned 2 on the 25th, my father-in law has had his hernia operation and my sis is moving AGAIN into her new house.
Despite having lots of bad days, ive been trying to make the most of spending time with my girls and of course DARREN.
Betty is starting to put sentences together and is turning into a mini Maddie all the while. Maddie is growing up too quickly and so is her attitude-the back chatting and strops (and she is only 4!!!!).

My craft room has been put on the back burner for now -as i knew it would! Darrens list of jobs to do around the house is getting longer and we have no time together to begin them.

anyway, enough moaning im off to watch the girls playing together.....

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