Monday, 21 November 2011


ive been such a bad blogger and im so sorry.
since my last post lots have happened: we attended our 3rd twilight convention and had a fab time as usual, booked my tickets for 1 directions forthcoming tour, seen our annual disney on ice (which the girls and i adored), the girls had their first proper bonfire nite and maddies 2nd dance show.

lots of photos i shall try and put on here or a few at least.

craft wise im busy finishing my 1st and starting my 2nd twilight scrapbook based on annuals but which i am altering to record my visits to meet the cast. talking of the cast-some of them loved looking through what i had done so far and commented on it. im also starting a 1 direction altered annual with photos of the x factor tour and photos that i have with the lads.

as usual there is always lots i could be doing and MUST finish but my days are getting busier now its coming up to xmas and the girls have such busy social lives (busier than us)!!!!

i will try and post more often i PROMISE!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

ive been thinking recently about what makes me "smile" after going to the art gallery and these are 2 of the things that make me smile...........betty and daisy

last friday, we managed to go out for breakfast 2gether which hasnt happened for goodness knows how long! betty enjoyed her toast, i had a bacon sarnie and darren had a full english. anyway, we later went for a walk around the art gallery again as i love their exhibition atm which is entitled "smile" and we discovered that maddies picture was still up in there. these were some of my fave parts of the show.

Monday, 5 September 2011

OMG OMG OMG-i have found my dream car and it has been mod podged too.....

here is a picture of what i have won and i have asked for the pink spotty pair.....

IM A WINNER-YIPPPPPPEEEEE-im forever completing competitions esp craft ones and never thought i would be lucky in an american comp. one of my fave websites is modpodge rocks and they were giving away a pair of westcott scissors (big in usa) and a holster in which to keep them in. this morning, i recieved an email saying that i had won a pair. cant wait to get them now.

im a happy bunny now :)

Art Journal - mixed media

im really loving all this mixed media technique at the moment and have had a go at my own, but needed some more tips so came across this fabulous artist on you tube-i have since written down some tips and cant wait t have a go myself-i think i may need another blank book though first.