Monday, 29 August 2011

Mod Podge Rocks!

Mod Podge Rocks!
enter this fab competition..............i did and have my fingers x

Constance 1956 Vintage Caravan

i really want 1 of these for our back garden!!!!! love, love love it

Sunday, 21 August 2011


it was maddies 5th birthday on tuesday-she was really spoilt and spent her £ on a build a bear bunny dressed in smurfette pjs and bunny slippers. we took the girls to Blackpool on thursday and they had a fab time on the small rides and on the grabbers. I managed to win 2 smurfs and a plush cupcake (which i have been after for ages). Friday was our 6th wedding anniversary, so darren and i managed to steal 2 hours away to try Nandos for the first time. Saturday, the girls and i watched Rango for the first time whilst Darren built a flowerbed outside, i decorated it at the top with glow in the dark stones.

photos to follow..........

Sunday, 14 August 2011

yesterday-was my monthly crop and i was getting worried that there werent going to be many ladies there due to other commitments-however there were 16 of us and i took my radio for company. i took my 3 books that im altering atm-travel, family and home book. i managed to manage to do pages in each of these books as the distraction wasnt there!!!! my girls came to fetch me and proceeded to dance on the stage...........

1 more of the pages that i managed to complete...... the other photo is of a card that maddie made me to say thankyou for letting her craft in the room-love her x

craft room update-maddie and i spent last monday in there again and had lots of fun!