Monday, 29 November 2010

yesterday we promised the girls that we would take them to see santa-he was at the local dobbies garden centre. maddie was over excited at seeing him and wouldnt let him speak, but betty was the opposite as she wouldnt sit to have her photo taken and wouldnt open her pressie either. we then took them to have a christmas lunch and bought some new lights for the tree. this weekend we will put up the tree as we have a tradition of putting up the decs the weekend after darrens b'day.
i was disapppointed by the line down maddies face on this photo but we couldnt complain about the sun either!!!!

this weekend has seen me making a cheesecake which is a first for me and i was totally surprised by how well and tasty it was- orange flavour, darren loves his cheesecake so i had to make sure that it was up to his standard. it must of been as he polished off two portions out right.

Monday, 22 November 2010

hello monday, another week to begin and another week closer to christmas and being able to spend valuable time with the girls and darren. we are trying our best to make things at home that require little or no money at all so im planning activities to keep the girls occupied throughout the weeks running up to christmas. we have been making lots of our own pizzas and cakes (we have some wonderful egg free cake reciepes).

its darren 38th b'day next friday and i havent a clue what to get him as we have no spare £ for pressies-i will have to make him a choc cake and ?????????????

all these little projects have been keeping me busy and cheering me up-i also tried a new nail technique and am loving the results-kayla from the dainty squid first introduced me to the idea, so i had to have a go.........
it saves £15 from going to the salon to have my nails painted-maddie saw them and said that she wanted hers the same.
finally, i have found a great website called and its filled with great ideas.

Monday, 15 November 2010

a monday to me is my day to do whatever i wish as maddie is at school and betty goes to nursery. today i decided that the house is far too cluttered with junk and toys so i began to de-clutter ready for the amount of presents the girls will be getting at xmas. the radio was on and i lit my yankee candle (lemon)-i love to dream away into the flame. my rest period involved a cup of tea and a homemade chocolate cupcake.

swap bot

from 1 of my favourite past-times swap-bot this is the stuffed envelope i got filled with christmas crafting goodies.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

yellow wednesday

yellow wednesday
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this was yesterdays entry...

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


hi, wow 2 updates in less than a week what am i doing?????
i love looking through flickr and have my own account for photos etc but have just signed up to join my friend kittypinkstars flickr "colour" collection. every day of the week there is a different colour to photograph and put on the flickr site, today was yellow. for tea the girls had a mcdonalds with a toy duck so my photo today was of him.
tomorrow is green......