Monday, 21 March 2011

hippie page

hippie page by alteredlady
hippie page a photo by alteredlady on Flickr.

dressing up page

dressing up page by alteredlady
dressing up page a photo by alteredlady on Flickr.

we love having fun dressing up

happy mommy page

happy mommy page by alteredlady
happy mommy page a photo by alteredlady on Flickr.

Darren chose the photo for me and i made the page-we esp love maddies face.


OMG-what has annelies bates done to me- i was awake at 6.30am and instead of getting my rest i got up and started scrapping. I didnt get to bed till 1.15am as it was as i was busy scrapping too.
I have been working more on my family book and have also started an "our house" book and a junk journal using bottle tops for the title.
There is also plans for starting a travel book too.

When Maddie came from school, she wanted to craft too and altered a picture of Belle the Princess (a future artist me thinks!)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

i have been able to do some more of my book 2day, im half way through thr book and completed about 10 pages today. I had to give up when Betty came home as she was playing in my craft bag and pinching my glue.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

On saturday, at the monthly crop we were introduced to altered books, a class led by a Ranger educator- Anneliese Bates.

I had so much fun folding, painting and altering the pages and have continued working on my book at home too. Im starting to look at junk mail differently too as my mind is thinking of how the mail could be used on a page. The recycling box will be halved at this rate.

Thanks to Anneliese for releasing my creativity again.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

I recently came across a fantastic idea for storing bags and coats-it was in 1 of my moms magazines. I showed it to the hubby and he loved the idea-so we will have to wait and see what happens..... watch this space.

PANCAKE DAY-this is always a challenge for me as i have an intolerance to eggs but love pancakes, i have asked various chefs for receipes and had no joy. Thats why i love the internet as i now have numerous reciepes for egg free pancakes and cooking. In making our pancakes, we replaced the eggs with apple sauce and the pancakes came out very light and fluffy.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Darren has been taking some photos of the girls.......... but the 1 that makes me smile the most is the 1 of maddie, she has spaghetti juice around her mouth but insisted on putting her glitter lipgloss on too-classy!!! Betty is trying to be like me-with wearing my shoes.

its my mother in laws birthday 2moz and we cant really afford a pressie at present (pardon the pun!) so maddie and i made some biscuits, betty and daddy decorated the inexpensive ikea jar with stickers and ribbons. we r proud of the results....
so sorry for not blogging over the last few weeks but ive been soooooo busy! Betty turned 2 on the 25th, my father-in law has had his hernia operation and my sis is moving AGAIN into her new house.
Despite having lots of bad days, ive been trying to make the most of spending time with my girls and of course DARREN.
Betty is starting to put sentences together and is turning into a mini Maddie all the while. Maddie is growing up too quickly and so is her attitude-the back chatting and strops (and she is only 4!!!!).

My craft room has been put on the back burner for now -as i knew it would! Darrens list of jobs to do around the house is getting longer and we have no time together to begin them.

anyway, enough moaning im off to watch the girls playing together.....