Friday, 6 February 2009

this is one of my biggest projects to date-Maddie has taken over my craft room with the imminent arrival of Betty, so we have had to completley re-gut the room. it is near being finished painted then its up to me what i do with it as long as it has disney princesses init. i have lots of ideas and just hope that i can complete it before Betty comes along. If anyone has any ideas then please let me know-i have the disney princess cricut cartridge coming from the USA.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

To get my blog really started i thought i would post some photos of my past creations. Ive been crafting for a couple of years now and started off with cardmaking but soon caught on to the scrapbook craze and havent looked back since. Again, certain crop members are responsible for this!!!!

*the top left piccie is of a bag tag i made from a clothes label and jigsaw pieces glued together with mod podge (my Fave product) and embellishments.
*the next 2 piccies are of keyrings of the family altered
*the last 2 photos are of miniature mannequins that i altered- the 1 on the right is based on my fave designer Vivienne Westwood.
I had so much fun with these, especially experimenting with different types of materials and glues/tape etc.

At the moment, im in the middle of completing several projects including a scrapbook about our family hol to disneyland, but am also trying to complete a few smaller ones too and all before our second daughter arrives. I have a habit of starting a project then get distracted by another idea ive seen ( i blame fellow crop members or craft magazines for this)-so my goal this year is to finish what i have started FIRST!!!!
Will let you know how i get on.....

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

this piccie is my fave- Darren and I altered to become "Charlie and Lola", we have laughed so much over this.

this is my latest craze-altering pictures found on cards or in my daughters magazines by placing our heads onto them. maddie suits being a fairy (i used a christmas card image and placed her head ontop).


Hello and welcome to my craft blog -"AlTeReDlAdY" -im still trying to figure out how to use this website and should have some crafty stories on here asap.
i have called my blog AlTeReDlAdY as crafting has changed my outlook on life and capturing memories of family and friends have become more important to me. i have found a new outlet in crafting and altering.

stories and photos to follow, so please come back soon......