Monday, 28 December 2009

future crafts

on christmas morning i was a very lucky girl- i had a sewing machine and other craft goodies ready to open and play with this space

kittys sock creatures

i have been obsessed with flickr and etsy recently and went gaga when i came across kittypinkstars and her handmade sock creatures-i ordered 1 for myself and it came in a beautifully wrapped parcel with story and mini friend (lolly). maddie took to her straightaway so kitty made the girls 1 each for xmas from us. maddie has been tobed with hers since christmas. these creatures are soooooooo cute and kitty is now a good friend and penpal of mine.

maddies piccies

i have to show you one of our fave maddie pictures-she has been drawing none stop for days now and this 1 is of our pet dog "Daisy"-sooooo proud of her.

more crafting items

over the last few months i have tried to be more creative but it can be very difficult to find the time with 2 young girls:

again many of my photos are made from felt.....

more christmas crop

the christmas crop was also marie-noelles birthday.....
i only had time to make the 2 felt decorations which are hanging on our xmas tree

merry christmas every1 and im soooooooo sorry for not keeping upto date with my blog!!!!!

here are some photos from our xmas crop/party: class layout by stephanie garbett taught by sue from craftystash,buffet lunch, goreous goodies in the craftstash shop, and a raffle (which i won) and of course the crafting ladies......

Sunday, 25 October 2009

yesterday we took maddie to the emma bridgewater factory and design studio in Hanley for some painting fun, which i joined in with too. we had a lovely little table set up by all the goodies (stamps and paints) for us. we were given a quick demo on how to best paint our practise mugs before the real deal. i went for a crown and star decoration and maddie just enjoyed all of it. next we went for the real thing-maddie had a mini mug and i had a 1/2 pint mug to decorate. we had so much fun and are having our mugs posted to us by the end of the week..... we then had a complimentary drink in proper emma bridgewater mugs!!!!! we had a quick look round the seconds factory shop too- here are the photos

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

last weekend i was busy sewing again with thx to Carolyn,Rachel and Nina for the fab company. These were my final results-hope you like

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

i was bought a kit to make an elephant hand puppet so decided to not make 1 and to try a love doll based on a photo i had seen in an american magazine at our crop (thanks Donna). i covered her in buttons and gave her plaited ribbon head-i love her...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

crop fever

saturday 10th october-at the end of our crop a few of us decided to be creative with some of our craft stash-mentioning no names!!!!!

garden fun

last sunday we were in the garden and decided to alter the boring wall and slabs-maddie and daddy started on the slabs, but i wasnt satisfied with this so began drawing on the wall

im so so so sorry for noting updating this blog but life has been so busy bringing up the family, health probs and maddie starting nursery-i dont know if i am coming or going most of the time!!! i have been trying to be a little bit creative at the monthly crops and trips to ninas to craft and be pamered too.

my latest inspirations have come from websites like and my fave at the where you upload your projects and people comment on your creations.

im still big on owls at present and cute crafts like kawaii and japanese themes.
i have been making a cushion cover, coaster,earrings and ring, dolls, badges, altered notebook,stone critters (with maddie) and a craft stash fund....

here are some photos of my latest creations: