Tuesday, 15 February 2011

ive had a busy last few days and have an even busier weekend planned-so im blogging whilst i can. Saturday was her 35th birthday and i spent most of the day with the girls as they are usually with their grandparents on a saturday. we took them to see yogi bear at the cinema. considering that it was bettys first time at the cinema she was so well behaved and loved having her picnic. she was mesmorised by the size of the screen.

saturday night, we met up with my mom, dad and sis and went to our local chinese for a meal. it was my dads first time there and we had such a laugh. we had bought a cake for my parents as it was their 40th wedding anni 2 weeks ago-as the cake was presented the staff and fellow diners started to sing "happy birthday" to me, so i had to explain that even though i was wearing a birthday sash and tiara it was in fact an anni cake.

Sunday was spent taking my sis houseware shopping as she moves into her new abode in a few days.

Monday or Valentines day, darren and i went to Starcity in B'ham to watch "gnomeo and juliet"-what a fab film it was-i was very happy watching the film with the love of my life and my pick n mix-hehe. after the film, we went into the arcade and i was lucky on 1 of the grabber machines and the deal or no deal game.

A great time all round..... photos to follow.

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  1. Not much better than seeing a rainbow, Zoe! Lucky you:)